The Musician’s Hockey League


April 27, 2014 by Val

Attention all hockey playing musician’s in Saskatchewan (and Canada for that matter!)

We have formed the MHL – the Musician’s Hockey League here in Regina, Sk. and we are inviting all those who play hockey, music, or just simply love both – to come out and join. We will ask for your instrument of choice and any bands you may have once or currently (or in future plan to) play in, or if you would like to get on board with “Roadie Status” :-)

We currently have ice time once every two weeks, with TODAY (SUnday April 27th) being our second ice time, at 9pm sharp at the Cooperators Arenas.

I am mentioning this on my website, even though I know more than just locals might come by here, because hockey has been one of the great loves of my life – in addition to music. However I have spent my who life pursuing music up until this point, and so I decided to make a small spot in my routine for some hockey :-) I decided to become a Goalie at the age of 29, with having never even played hockey before in my life. I am now fully equipped and can say I played an entire 3 periods, making some sweet saves, and keeping up with the dudes. Granted these weren’t NHL players… but other musicians like myself :-) Which isn’t to slag on their playing either though! They sure can skate with rhythm! ha!

So I just want to include all the music fans in on the hockey journey as well, as it is about more than just the sport, but a willingness to continue to learn and grow, and challenge yourself as you get older. I will be attending a Goalie skills camp this summer for a week, and I believe I will be the oldest person there, with the rest of the goalies probably around the ages of 16 and under LOL. But don’t think I am going to let that discourage me from learning the fundamentals from a pro! As it stands now I can play and keep up… but it has always been my motto that anything worth doing, is worth doing WELL. And so I cannot simply half ass my venture into Hockey, but attack it full force by laying my pride aside and going back to “school” – GOALIE SCHOOL! I am going to be like Adam Sandler at a hockey camp. ha!

I’ll take this time to mention also that the plan is to get back on the road at the end of september, and hopefully stay out for a good year at least after that. So at that point I’m not sure if the hockey will just have to wait till i come home for my christmas vacation. But I assume it is like riding a bike, and aside from my joints and muscles perhaps getting weaker, as I grow older now I will always have the game of hockey to rely on when not on the road, to challenge me and beat the hell out of me in only the way a rock n roll tour could otherwise do :-) Happy playoff season!!!!!! -Val


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