New Video Posted – Promise Not to Cry


February 5, 2015 by Val

Val Halla © 2014

Written by Val Halla, Andre Kaden Black, and Dane Hartsell. – I wrote this song a few years ago with friends of mine, who all know the experience of having to leave a loved one for a time, or what its like to watch someone else leave – whether for a short time, or sometimes for good.

On December 10th, 2014 I learned of the passing of a dear friend back home in Saskatchewan, while I was in Nashville at the time. The plan was to continue on to Chicago before getting back home to Canada for Christmas, but I debated if I should continue on my musical pursuits, or get back to Saskatchewan in time for his memorial service on December 16th. I wanted to be there to honour him, I wanted to be there to grieve. I wanted to be with those hurting back home. I knew Derek would have wanted me to stay on the grind though, and keep trucking for the music’s sake. So I did go to Chicago… and I dedicated this performance to him and his memory, and everything he stood for in our hard working little music community in Saskatchewan, Canada. That was a tough week for me, but I’m glad to have this video and thankful to Big Foot Media for helping me out with it and producing/filming a great video, as well as Audiowall Studios for hosting us & recording the audio (also doing a great job) as we filmed it.

I’ll never forget the importance in the music I felt that week, while I thought of what Derek meant to so many of us and what he did for both the musicians and the music itself in our Province. I know that any time I start to feel run down, start to feel discouraged or hopeless, or lose sight of why I’m chasing this music dream, I can watch this video and remember. And my thoughts as I sang weren’t just of how we lost Derek, but all the good he did and how many lives he touched, I thought of his family that he spoke of often and loved dearly, and I thought of everyone back home that were hurting too and all the wonderful friends and talented musicians – and I just felt so lucky to come from such an amazing place like Saskatchewan, with so many amazing people. And that’s what I’ll remember when I see this video… I’ll remember EXACTLY why we’re all doing this…. we do this music thing for each other. And the music takes care of us all. Rest In Peace Derek.

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